A year after Alexander Rybak's victory towards Moscow

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On 21st February 2009 the Norwegian representative Alexander Rybak that went on for a convincing victory in Moscow won the Norwegian final. Last year Rybak was highly tipped as the one to lift the trophy before he won the 48th edition of the Melodi Grand Prix.

Norway kept a low profile despite being the hot favourite even amongst the bettings and fans. Infact when asked during the rehearsal week that he is the top favourite, Alexander Rybak avoided any comments that could add more pressure on him. Rybak was the first male soloist since representing the country in 2003.

After his over whelming victory in the winning press conference, Alexander Rybak admitted that it felt really exciting and highly positive to be a favourite and become the overall winner. In Moscow since the act was revealed during the first rehearsal he strenghtened his top position with the fans and journalists.

Alexander Rybak was declared as a winner of the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest before all countries cast their votes. The gap between him and second place Yohanna was 169 points. Last year Norway received the biggest victory in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest three times and this year the country will be hosting the contest once again in Oslo. In total 39 countries will compete for the 55th Eurovision title.

Alexander Rybak’s performance in the Norwegian final:


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