Serbia: P!NK reacts to Tijana Bogićević’s cover of Sober

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Quite a remarkable video from Glamour Magazine was released last Thursday on YouTube. In a 12-minute video, the world-famous singer P!NK is shown to be watching and reacting to acoustic covers of her own hits by various artists. One of them is this year’s Serbian representative, Tijana Bogićević, who lives and works in the United States.

Tijana excites the original artist

Accompanied by her musicians Sarah and Branko Koprivica, Tijana had posted an acoustic cover of P!NK‘s single Sober in 2010. With her majestic voice, Tijana managed to present a cover that excited the American artist, as she characterized this as “amazing”.

Power pop song Sober was released in 2008, as part of her 5th studio album Funhouse.

You may find Tijana’s cover and P!NK’s reaction at the 8:26 of this video:

After watching the Serbian singer’s cover, P!NK got into details about how she wrote this song:

I wrote Sober at 3:00 am at a house party when I wanted everyone to leave and never come back! Yeah, it was one of those nights!

Hereafter, she personally addressed Tijana making also a humorous comment:

Tijana, I loved your rash. But I was wondering, did you ever smoke cigarettes or is it natural? ‘Cause mine is gone!, said showing her teeth.

Obviously happy about her words, Bogićević and her colleagues wanted to thank and send her messages of love via a brief response video.

Tijana Bogićević at Eurovision

Singer Tijana Bogićević was the internal selection of the Serbian national broadcaster RTS to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. Following her name’s announcement, her record label Universal Music released her electropop Eurovision song, entitled In too deep, written by Borislav MilanovJoacim Persson, Johan Alkenas and Lisa Desmond. 

This would not be the first appearance of Tijana on the Eurovision stage, as she had also performed as a backing vocalist for the Serbian participant Nina, in 2011.

At Eurovision, Tijana participated in the second semi-final evening, on 11 May. Despite a very good performance, she didn’t make it to the Grand Final, as she finished 11th with 98 points, just 3 points away from qualifying.

Fancy Tijana’s acoustic cover for Sober?

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