Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov releases new single Glubina

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Eurovision’s youngest performer and runner up Kristian Kostov impresses again with his first ever Russian song, Glubina.

The 2017 Bulgarian entrant at Eurovision, Kristian Kostov released his first ever song in Russian on Friday, titled Glubina which means Depth, and is latest song since his Eurovision participation.

The lyric video, which was released on the 27 October, was filmed under water in a similar style to the 2017 Serbian Eurovision video, performed by Tijana Bogičević. Called In too deep, Serbia’s entry was composed by the team behind Kristian’s Eurovision entry. Both singles have a noticeably similar story, each of which talk about depth.

Here you you can take a look at the lyric video for Glubina:

Although this song features more of a dark contemporary theme, more so than Beautiful mess, Glubina makes for an excellent following record!

Kristian didn’t hide his pride behind the project, posting photos on Instagram:

Наконец-то свершилось то, чего я ждал последние два месяца! Сделай звук погромче и задержи дыхание. #GlubinaIsHere The thing that I have been waiting for the last 2 months has finally happened! Turn the volume up and hold your breath. #GlubinaIsHere – Музыкальный продюсер / Music producer: Даниел Костов – Исполнительные продюсеры / Executive producers: Эдмон Кочарян @edmonmario , Мария Ерке @marierke – Авторы музыки / Music by: Кристиан Костов, Даниел Костов, Кирилл Матюшенко @kirillmotya , Ваня Чебанов @chebanov – Авторы слов / Lyrics by: Ваня Чебанов @chebanov , Кристиан Костов, Даниел Костов – Аранжировка / Arrangement: Dynamika Music @dynamikamusic – Запись, Сведение, Мастеринг / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Sweet Music Pro. @alexhook – Фотограф / Photographer: Юрий Широченко, @rulphoto Особая благодарность студии #аш2ноль за помещение для подводной съемки!

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Kristian at Eurovision

Kostov was the first Eurovision contestant to be born in the 21st century, going on to secure Bulgaria their best ever finish at Eurovision to this day. Kostov was internally selected for Kyiv when he was still 16 before turning 17 on 15 March.

Kristian performed 25th in the grand final following his semi-final qualification and finished 2nd with 615 points, placing behind the eventual Portuguese winner Salvador Sobral.