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Daniel Diges gave an exclusive interview to esctoday.com, where he spoke about his participation at the forthcoming Spanish Eurovision national final, Eurovisión 2010: Destino Oslo, enlightning us about his plans, his song and his dream to represent Spain at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Daniel will be competing in the Spanish national final with the song Algo pequeñito.

Daniel, you are an actor and a singer in Spain. Can you please introduce yourself and enlighten us about your musical career?

Currently Iam working in the musical Mamma Mia where I'm playing the character of Sky,hence sharing thestage with Nina and Marta Valverde. The dream of my life ie "musical dream" is go to represent Spain at the forthcomingEurovision Song Contest inOslo with Algo pequeñito.Ihave worked as an actor in many musicals, such as Hoy no me puedo levantar, En tu fiesta me colé, We will rock you and High School Musical. I have also acted in many Spanish television series.

What would it mean for you to win the Spanish Eurovision national final next Monday and represent Spain at the fortchcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo?

It would be one of the most beautiful experiencesI could ever have in mylife. A dream come true! Being able to perform in front of hundreds of millions of people all over the worldwould be quite and impressive achievement for me. It would be like showcasing a smallmusical for the whole of Europe!

What is your song Algo Pequeñito about? Do you think it has the right ingredients to attract the European audience?

When I heard thethe song for the first time, I found it very original and magical. It is amagical ballad thatwhen you listen to it once, it sticks in your head and it you can't remove it from your mind. I think this song can conquer Europe as it conquered me.How are you planning to stage the song next Monday? Choreography? Costumes? Please comment. Do you have any surprises in store?
It's a secret! All I can say is that our actions are based on simplicity. In this life small details are more significant, less is more. And aboutthe costume, I can say that it will be very similar to what you haveseen so far.

What are your current projects apart from Eurovision? Can you please tell us about yourforthcoming plans?

As you know, I havededicated many years tomusic and I have worked in many musicals. My wish is to to release my own album. and currently I am concentrating and working on that.

You have taken part in High School Musical and have played the role of Troy Bolton. How was your experience?

Participating and performingin High School Musical was afantastic experience. Toact outthe lead roleof the most successfulmusical in the worldreally incredible!

Do you follow the Eurovision Song Contest every year? Who are your favourite Spanish Eurovision representatives?

I love Sergio Dalma! I have beenfollowing his career since his Eurovision participation in1991. I loved Nina in 1989 when she sang Nacida para amar. I have the honour of working with her now in the musical.But Abba tops my list, and is one of my favorite Eurovisionsongs as I sing Waterloo every dayin Mamma mia. I must also add that I am proud and honoured to be competing in theSpanish Eurovision final with an artist like AnabelConde,who finished 2nd at the 1995Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with the song Vuelve conmigo.

Are you nervous for next week's Spanish Eurovision national final?

More than nervous, I am excited and happy.

Tell us about yourself. How is Daniel behind the scenes? How would you define yourself as a person?

I'm a completely normal person who loves being with his family, friends and the people I love. I like to spend hours in front of the piano. I also love doing reiki and Ienjoy playingsports.

Do you have any message for our readers?

Thank you all for the love and support I am receiving. This experiencehas been simplywonderful. Whether I get to go to Oslo or not, I will cherish all the beautiful things and memories from this extraordinary and wonderful experience.I am thankfuland gratefulfrom the bottom of my heart to all the people that support me. Thank you!

We would like to thank Daniel Diges for the interview and wish him the best of luck in the Spanish Eurovision national final on Monday the 22nd of February, aired live on TVE1 at 22:15 CET.

Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani

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