Results: Eight acts qualified in FYR Macedonia

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The first out of two semi finals of Skopje Fest 2010, the FYR Macedonian pre-selection to determine the country's representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Oslo, was held tonight. 14 acts competed and eight of them managed to qualify to the national final, to be held on Saturday 20th. Tomorrow, on Friday, the second semi final will follow and complete the line-up for the final of Skopje Fest with another eight acts.

The following eight acts have to qualified to the national final on Saturday 20th:

  • Suzana Spasovska & Darko Nesovski – Bog Go Ima Sekoj Kljuc
  • Treta Dimenzija – Bolest Zaraza
  • Tumbao Salsa Bend – Poludena Vo Nokta Studena
  • Bravo Band – Taa Ima Se
  • Vlatko Ilievski – Sreka
  • Aleksandar Belov – Ostani
  • Gjoko Taneski – Jas Ja Imam Silata
  • Darko Ilievski – Lagi

Complete results

In the case of a tie, the act that got more points in the televoting is placed higher.

No. Performer Jury Tele Total
1 Vlatko Ilievski 10 12 22
2 Spasovska & Nešovski 12 6 18
3 Aleksandar Belov 7 8 15
4 Gjoko Taneski 8 7 15
5 Bravo Band 2 10 12
6 Darko Ilievski 5 3 8
7 Treta Dimenzija 3 4 7
8 Tumbao Salsa Bend 6 0 6
9 Duo Slide 0 5 5
10 Gorjan Stojanovski 4 1 5
11 Nataša Malinkova 1 2 3
=12 Kerber 0 0 0
=12 Daniel Stojmanovski 0 0 0
=12 Igor Mitrovic 0 0 0 poll results

The poll voters partly agreed with the results in the semi final. Runaway poll winner Aleksandar Belov (38.2%) did qualify despite only finishing third. Gjoko Taneski finished second in the poll (14.7%) and fourth in the semi final while Daniel Stojmanovski finished third in the poll with 8.8% but came last in the semi final not getting a sngle points. On the other hand Treta Dimenzija were the only acts that did not receive a single vote in the poll but managed to qualify for the final. Semi final winner Vlatko Ilievski had finished equal fourth with 5.9%.

In 2009, FYR Macedonia was represented by Next Time, who reached 10th place in the first semi final with their song Nesto shto kje ostane,but narrowly missed out on qualifying to the final due to the jury favouring Finland to get the 10th qualifying spot for the final.

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