France: Natasha St-Pier releases children’s album and embarks on church tour

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French-Canadian artist Natasha St-Pier has released a special children’s album, being inspired by her little son’s sickness. Moreover, the singer will go on a church tour in France.

Natasha St-Pier has released L’alphabet des animaux (The Animal Alphabet), an album with nursery rhymes for young children. The playful yet spiritual songs deal with animals and their daily activities, a fantastical menagerie of creatures such as ferrets, dodo’s and marmosets inhabiting this musical world.

Artists that collaborated with Natasha St-Pier on the album include Grégoire, MB14 and Florent Mothe, among others. L’alphabet des animaux is a project that is dear to Natasha St-Pier, as she drew inspiration from her little son, who was born in 2015 with a heart defect:

Spirituality is, for me, something important. I’ve always had this sensitivity, which may have increased with my son, with not having his life in my hands. He is extremely well today, but he had to fight for his survival.

St-Pier speaks of son’s past illness

Natasha St-Pier’s son Bixente underwent heart surgery at just four months of age. He is doing well, and the experience was recounted by Natasha St-Pier in the book Mon petit cœur de beurre (My Little Heart of Butter, published by Michel Lafon):

I testified on the social networks so that no false information passed through the press to the people. Because I knew it was going to get attention. I told myself that if I shared a little bit of my life, nobody would scrape to find out more. It worked, the media and people in general were very respectful of that. And then, speaking out about it, I had the impression of making my son exist more. It may sound ridiculous, but for me to talk about it is like making him stronger in the face of illness.

Her son’s illness also changed Natasha St-Pier’s perceptions of things such as fame and success. During Eurovision 2001, she was a big favourite to win the contest, and although she is now proud of her eventual 4th place, at the time it felt somewhat as a disappointment. Referring to her Eurovision experience:

It was a really big disappointment. But in hindsight, I think it was so much better for me. I was perhaps not ready to have the career I would have had immediately after the contest if I had won. Everything happens for the right reasons.

Although the songs on L’alphabet des animaux are aimed at children, the whimsical lyrics also convey a spirituality, so both kids and parents may enjoy them:

I was sensitive to the texts in a way that would not have been possible a few months ago. We really wanted to ensure that the orchestrations did not make the parents tense.

Church tour in France

Besides the children’s project, Natasha St-Pier is set to embark on a tour of churches in France, starting 17 November.

Raised a Catholic, spirituality is important to the singer, as is evident by her participation in the 2013 concept album dedicated to the poems of Saint Thérèse of LisieuxThérèse-Vivre d’amour. Natasha St-Pier and Anggun (Eurovision 2012) sang the title single, Vivre d’amour.

With this church tour, Natasha St-Pier will again touch the deeper aspects of life, including songs from Thérèse-Vivre d’amour:

In this context, texts take on a different dimension. This leads to an introspection of our values ​​and our lives. I am Catholic and baptized, but I do not know enough about religion. What matters is spirituality.

About Natasha St-Pier

Natasha St-Pier (Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada) is a French-Canadian artist with Acadian roots.

Singing from an early age, Natasha St-Pier gained popularity in Canada in 1993 after she participated in the talent show Le pouvoir de la chanson, aged 12. She released her first album, Émergence, in 1996, and became internationally known for her role as Fleur-de-Lys in the musical Notre Dame de Paris in 2000.

In 2001, Natasha St-Pier represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. With her powerful ballad Je n’ai que mon âme (All I have is my soul) Natasha St-Pier eventually reached an honourable 4th place, receiving 142 points. Je n’ai que mon âme and its English version All I have is my soul became successful singles.

Enjoy Natasha St-Pier performing Je n’ai que mon âme at Eurovision 2001.