Tonight: First semi final in Slovakia

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After six quarter finals, the first semi final of Eurosong 2010, the Slovak national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will be held tonight. Twelve acts will compete for six spots in the national final.

The show

The show will be broadcast on STV1 at 20:15 CET and it will be hosted by Martin Rausch at the STV studios in Bratislava. Twelve acts will present one song each and a jury (50%) and SMS voting (50%) will choose six of them to compete in the national final on 28th February.

How to watch?

No webcast will be made available.


Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. Marián BangoTy tu ticho spíš
    (T. Jediný)
  2. Mayo Tón
  3. Kristina Horehronie
    (Martin Kavuli�/Kamil Peteraj)
  4. Petra HumeÅ�anská Rosa rosí
    (P. HumeÅ�anská)
  5. Robert MiklaVoda a ohe�
    (Milan Herstek/Milan Herstek, Robert Mikla)
  6. Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid ErrorFigaro
    (P. Farnbauer, P. Jursa/P. Jursa)
  7. Renata Ä�onková & Martina Polievková Dúha
    (E. �onka/P. Kubica)
  8. Michaella O nás
    (V. Gnepa/S. KašÄ�áková)
  9. Richard Ä�anaky & FBIZlomené krídla
    (R. �anaky)
  10. Robo OpatovskýNieÄ�o máš
    (R. Opatovský/P. KoneÄ�ný)
  11. Get ExplodeBlue sun
    (M. Ä�urko, L. KováÄ�)
  12. Miro Jaroš Bez siedmeho neba
    (Miro Jaroš, Vladimír Gnepa/Miro Jaroš)

Your opinion

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In 2009, Slovakia returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after eleven years and was represented by Kamil Miculcik and Nela Pocisková with the song Let' tmou. The duo finished 18th in the second semi final thus not qualifying for the final.

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