Will Ich Troje resign from representing Poland?

by Kamil Górecki 432 views

Polish newspaper Super Express wrote today that Michał Wiśniewski wanted to resign from representing Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2003. The main reason is TVP, Polish national broadcaster, doesn't want to promote the song Keine Grenzen in Europe.

Michał Wiśniewski from Ich Troje is indignant. He claims TVP did nothing to help him achieve good result in Riga. Keine Grenzen was chosen to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in January. If Ich Troje don't take part, it's very possible Poland won't participate this year.

Universal Music Poland gives money for the promotion and thanks to them Ich Troje is touring Europe. They visited many countries, like Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia. We sing in your country, you sing in our country, said Wiśniewski. But TVP didn't want to show foreign artists, so Stelios, Lynn Chircop, Latvian F.L.Y. and others had to perform their songs in Jestem jaki jestem, Wiśniewski's reality show on commercial TV station TVN. Some artists didn't want to appear on commercial tv station and because of that Ich Troje can't promote their song in some coutries, like United Kingdom or Austria.

It is said that promotion doesn't suit TVP. He is a star of TVN, and this station hates TVP, writes Super Express. Others say Wiśniewski is afraid of t.A.T.u., the biggest favourite this year. Another defeat can bury his career.

Super Express asked Aline Ingversen, EBU's spokesman if Poland can send other artist to Riga. Polish Television can do that, said Ingversen. There was never such a case in Eurovision history. But is it possible two weeks before the final night?

On Monday, Wiśniewski together with his record company Universal Music Poland will make the final decision about his participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2003.