Slovenia: More EMA 2010 songs online

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Yesterday, all of the songs competing at this year's EMA, Slovenia's pre-selection to determine their representative at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Oslo, were presented on Radio Val 202, for the first time in full length. Some of them have appeared on the internet today, including two of the big favourites to win EMA this year, namely Nusa Derenda and Manca Spik.

Nuša Derenda- Sanjajva

Manca Špik – Tukaj sem doma

Brigita Šuler- Para me

Nina Pušlar- Dez

Nuša Derenda represented Slovenia in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, achieving 7th place with Energy, which still remains the best placing for the country so far, together with Darja Švajger's 7th place with Prisluhni mi back in 1995. After 2001, Nuša tried to win EMA again in 2003 and 2005. This year, she will be trying to represent Slovenia once more at the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Sanjajva, written by another popular Slovenian artist, Neisha.

Manca Špik is competing at EMA for the third consecutive time. She came 9th at EMA 2008 with Še vedno nekaj cutim and placed 2nd last year together with Langa with the song Zaigraj muzikant, which won the televoting but received nil points from the jury. Her song this year, Tukaj sem doma, is composed by Andrej Babic, who has won the Slovenian national final two times so far, namely in 2007 and 2009.

Para me is Brigita Šuler's third consecutive participation at EMA. In 2008, she came third with Samara and in 2009, she placed equal 13th, therefore last, in the final. This time, her song is written by Mihael Hercog and his fiancée Saša Lendero, one of Slovenia's most popular singers, who had entered EMA as an artist on two occasions already placing 2nd both times, namely in 2005 with Metulj and in 2006 with Mandoline.

Nina Pušlar won the 2nd edition of Bitka talentov, the Slovenian equivalent of Pop Idol, which also launched Omar Naber's career after he had won the first edition. Dez is Nina's first attempt at EMA.

Besides the radio presentation of the songs competing at this year's EMA, snippets of the songs are also being presented on Spet doma, a popular television show. As reported, the 14 songs competing in the semi final have already been presented. This Sunday, the remaining songs, the seven pre-qualified finalists, will be presented.

The Slovenian semi final will take place on February 20th and the final on February 21st.