Slovakia: Kristína Peláková releases her new album Mať srdce

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Slovakian artist and 2010 Eurovision representative Kristína Peláková worked three years on Mat’ srdce.

Kristína Peláková, known professionally as Kristína, is very proud of her new album, Mat’ srdce (Having a heart), a project that took three years to complete. Having already released various successful singles, Mat’ srdce has gained the platinum status. The album contains 17 songs, and is available in a standard and a deluxe version, the latter distributed in a symbolic 2017 issues.

Kristína is very happy and proud that Mat’ srdce is finally out:

I worked on the album for three years with a great team of writers, with people who brought a new wave to my musical world, I worked again with Kamil Peteraj, Martin Kavulič, my husband Marián Kavulič. This new wave, the new energy was added by Adam Kuruc. I’m very excited that my audience is very diverse, from children to teenagers, and of course parents and elders, I can see all ages in my concerts, and I’m very happy to see the lyrics touching everyone. It will touch all age categories thanks to Kamil Peteraj’s lyrics. This album is very emotional, it has different themes that have moved me as a singer, and it is very lively, it is again a very Eastern Slavonic temperament.

Slovakian poet and songwriter Kamil Peteraj, who also wrote Kristína’s 2010 Eurovision entry Horehronie (together with composer Martin Kavulič), praised the young artist during the presentation of Mat’ srdce this week:

This evening is happy for all the participants, and I must say that I also feel fortunate that I pointed my finger at the right moment, that I was interested in this girl, because she went quietly and taking other doors through Slovak showbusiness. A different kind of beauty, because she did not even look like a standard showbusiness girl, she is beautiful when singing in Slovak, she has a beautiful pronunciation, she has physical beauty, she has a good heart and therefore is doing very well. Kristína is not a singer who develops in a jumping way, she grows in centimeters, has perseverance, works by herself, which is very important in popular music, and has gained audiences in Slovakia, Moravia and Bohemia in the last five years. Kristína is a singer of the modern era and of the new media, even through YouTube, nowadays it’s not just the radio that creates popularity and hits. Through these new platforms many singers get their audience.

Enjoy the official video for the title song of Mat’ srdce by Kristína:

About Kristína Peláková

Kristína Peláková (Svidník, former Czechoslovakia, 1987) is a Slovakian pop singer, known professionally as Kristína. She started singing, dancing and playing the piano at an early age. Working diligently on her career, Kristína has become one of the most popular young artists in Slovakia, having various hits in the music charts.

In 2010, Kristína represented Slovakia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway. With her entry Horehronie, an ode to the beauty of the Horehronie region, she reached the 16th place out of 17 contestants in semi-final 1, earning 24 points, unfortunately not placing for the Grand Final. However, Horehronie became a huge hit in Slovakia.

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Enjoy Kristína performing Horehronie during semi-final 1 of Eurovision 2010: