France: Garou talks about Destination Eurovision

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French-Canadian singer Garou elucidates his role as host of Destination Eurovision, the French national selection for Eurovision 2018, and France’s chances at the contest.

A few days ago it was officially confirmed that popular French-Canadian artist Garou has been selected by broadcaster France 2 to host the Eurovision 2018 national selection, Destination Eurovision. In an interview with Le Parisien, Garou talks about all things Eurovision, including his own relationship with the contest, and his opinion about France’s chances at the Eurovision Song Contest.

What does Eurovision mean to Garou himself?:

I was not born into it. In Quebec, we do not really follow the contest. The first time I saw it, I found Eurovision somewhat confusing. But it is a unique cultural showcase. I do not understand those who look down on it. Me, when I was asked to present Destination Eurovision, I immediately accepted it. [..] It interests me to see what choice France will make, what kind of music, what song will be chosen.

Is there an ideal artist to represent France?:

There are not any. When we saw Salvador Sabrol last year, it was not the winner we had imagined. But in the end, it was he who was the most touching. I think it is this dimension that must be taken into account more. As a singer, one must be as moving as possible, touching in madness, tenderness, strength or pain. Without necessarily being forcible, we play with emotions. And it’s hard to anticipate them. Maybe even a rap can touch me more than rock.

What are France’s chances at winning the contest?:

Of course France can win Eurovision. It has every chance. And at the same time, I always felt a certain restraint. As if the French did not envision export. When I go to non-francophone countries, I see myself as an ambassador of French culture. It is a great pride. But why me? I have the impression that the French are afraid to do so.

Garou is a popular artist in both France and Canada. Has the singer ever been asked to participate in Eurovision himself?:

It is of course true that Céline Dion and Natasha St-Pier have already participated. I have never been asked. The only person who thought of me was my daughter’s mother. She is Swedish and over there, it is a big deal. If they had approached me, I would have not refused. You have to have a good song. If I had one, I’d do it. Another year, maybe.

Finally, Garou talks about his own career:

I am a spectator. Frankly, my life is so full of new business that I do not have the drive to release a new album, right now. But I am preparing new musical experiences, which inspire me and that make me want to make music. I do not stop making music. And then, making an album these days… We are fully changing. We look too far back, so perhaps we should go ahead and consider music in a new way.

About Garou

Garou (born Pierre Garand, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 1972) is a French-Canadian pop singer. Known for his role as Quasimodo in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, his debut album Seul was the best-selling French album of 2001, and one of the best-selling French albums of all time. Garou has released various successful albums, and hits such as Belle, Seul, Sous le vent and La Rivière de notre enfance.

Enjoy the official video of Sous le vent by Garou and Céline Dion:

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