The Netherlands: Lenny Kuhr honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

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Dutch artist Lenny Kuhr, Eurovision 1969 participant and one of the four winners, has received the Buma Lifetime Achievent Award in recognition of her artistic career.

Lenny Kuhr was honoured at the Buma NL Awards, an initiative of the foundation for Dutch music and artistry, Stichting Buma Cultuur. The singer-songwriter received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Buma director Frank Helmink.

Lenny Kuhr, who celebrates five decades in the music industry this year, was very thankful for the award. In her acceptance speech, she thanked everyone who has worked with her in the past fifty years, and she had warm words for her audience that has stayed so loyal to her throughout her career.

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About Lenny Kuhr

Lenny Kuhr (born Helena Hubertina Johanna Kuhr, Eindhoven, 1950) is a Dutch singer-songwriter. Her musical career started in 1967.

In 1969 she represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid, Spain, with the song De troubadour (The troubadour). Lenny Kuhr was one of the four winners, alongside France, Spain and the United Kingdom, the countries placing first in a tie-break with 18 points each. The rules were subsequently changed to avoid such a situation in the future.

Throughout the 1970’s Lenny Kuhr successfully continued to work on her career, receiving Dutch awards such as the Silver Harp and an Edison, and she toured through France where she had a number 1 hit with the song Jesus Christo (originally sung by Brazilian artist Roberto Carlos Braga, who himself won the Sanremo Music Festival in 1968).

In 1980, the singer had a massive hit with the song Visite, a collaboration with the popular French boy’s group Les Poppys.

Lenny Kuhr has released many albums and singles, and frequently performs in small theatre shows.

For info about the artist, please visit her official website 

All of Lenny Kuhr’s albums and singles are now digitally available on the following platforms: SpotifyDeezerItunes and Google Play.

Enjoy Lenny Kuhr performing De troubadour at Eurovision 1969.