Albania: Elhaida Dani is back in the game with a new song!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 2,080 views

The 2015 Albanian Eurovision hopeful Elhaida Dani is back in the game with a brand  new single and videoclip.

The multi talented Elhaida Dani has released Më mbaj (Hold me) few days back, which she herself has composed.

Elhaida says:

Më mbaj (Hold me), was born a few months ago, playing around in the studio with folk instruments. Playing mandolins, the traditional Albanian folk music came to my mind immediately: so I felt inspired to write the Albanian lyrics to this melody. 1 hour later we had #membaj 

This is the genesis of Më mbaj, the first single written by Elhaida Dani, who starts her journey as a composer and songwriter. The lyrics tell us the end of a story between two lovers, when the singer remembers all the moments shared together and wishes she could go back to her loved one, even if it is just for one night.

The video represents a very intimate atmosphere, where the loneliness of the singer is broken only by the flow of the memories, which are called back by the water. The artist tries to reach the water and dives into, every time she wants to immerse herself into these memories to feel embraced by them.

The song and the video have been produced in Italy, where Elhaida is working on her first album as a songwriter in Italian and English.

Elhaida Dani feat. Dj Olti – Më mbaj

Elhaida Dani in Eurovision

In 2015, Elhaida Dani flew to Vienna to defend the Albanian colours at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with her entry I’m alive, achieving a 17th in the Grand Final.

Would you like to to see Elhaida Dani back in Eurovision again?