UPD Results: Four acts qualified in Slovakia

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The first out of six quarter finals of Eurosong 2010, the Slovakian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, was held tonight. Out of ten competing acts, four participants qualified to the first semi final, to be held on February 14th. The voting system in the quarter finals is 100% televoting. However, starting from the first semi final to be held on February 14th, the element of 50% jury voting will be added, just like in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The following four acts have qualified to the first semi final:

  • Hrdza Taká sa mi páÄ�i
    (S. Gibarti)
  • Richard Ä�anaky & FBIZlomené krídla
    (R. �anaky)
  • TomášBezdedaNa strechách domov
    (T. Bezdeda/M. Hajšová)
  • Michaella O nás
    (V. Gnepa/S. KašÄ�áková)

The complete SMS results were as follows:

  1. Hrdza Taká sa mi páÄ�i – 19,5%
  2. Richard Ä�anaky & FBI Zlomené krídla – 18,5%
  3. Tomáš BezdedaNa strechách domov – 16,9%
  4. Michaella O nás – 15,9 %
  5. Horská chataMyslíš, že vieš, kto som? – 8,7%
  6. Six & Kristy Priestor pre dvoch – 5,9%
  7. Lucia Olešová Rok a pol – 5,0%
  8. Michal Chrenko Kto vlastne som – 3,9%
  9. Dreamtouch Je to OK! – 3,1%
  10. Margot Tak ma hrej – 2,5%

This was the first of six quarter finals. Another ten acts will compete this Sunday to reach the semi final stage.

esctoday.com poll results

The esctoday.com poll voters agreed with the results in the first quarter final. The poll top three TomášBezdeda (25%), Michaella (25%) and Hrdza (22.4%) all made it to the final. The fourth qualifiers Richard Ä�anaky & FBI had finished 7th in the poll with 2.6%.

In 2009, Slovakia returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after eleven years and was represented by Kamil Miculcik and Nela Pocisková with the song Let' tmou. The duo finished 18th in the second semi final thus not qualifying for the final.