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Few moments ago, the Portuguese broadcaster announced through the official Facebook page of Festival da Canção the 30 songs that will take part in the online voting. 24 out of those 30 songs will proceed to the two semifinals.

As it was announced earlier today through the Festival da Canção 2010 official Facebook page, the 30 songs selected for the online voting are available. The voting procedure will last between the 21st and the 27th February and the 24 most voted will be divided in two semi finals. The final of this year edition of Festival da canção will take place on March 6, at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon.
RTP is revealed the participating songs one by one. The songs are:

  • Meu coração não é meu (My heart is not mine)
    performer: Nina Pinto, lyrics: Augusto Madureira, music: Marios Gligoris
  • Chuva (Rain)
    performer: Nucha, lyrics: Nuno Valério, music: Marios Gligoris
  • Ai Lisboa (Ai Lisbon)
    performer: Jorge Guerreiro, lyrics: Catarina Martins, music: José Félix
  • O mundo de pernas para o ar (The world upside down)
    performer: Banda Trocopasso, lyrics: Jorge Oliveira, music:Jorge Oliveira
  • Amanhã no mar (Tomorrow at sea)
    performer: Terra D'Água, lyrics: Tiago Espírito Santo, music: Davide Zaccaria
  • Pássaro Saudade (Missing bird)
    performer: Seis Po' Meia Dúzia, lyrics: Irene Lúcia Andrade, music: Ricardo Rodrigues
  • Amar (Vieste para me salvar) (To Love (You came to save me))
    performer: Nuno & Fábia, lyrics: Pedro Vaz, music: Pedro Brito
  • Há dias assim (There are days like)
    performer: Filipa Azevedo, lyrics: Augusto Madureira, music: Augusto Madureira
  • Luta assim não dá (Fight so don't give)
    performer: Homens da Luta, lyrics: Jel, music: Vasco Duarte
  • Quem é que sera? (Who will it be?)
    performer: David Navarro, lyrics:J.M./Jorge Moreira/Jorge do Carmo/Tó Andrade, music: J.M./Jorge Moreira/Jorge do Carmo/Tó Andrade
  • Meu mundo de sonhos (My world of dreams)
    performer: Dennisa, lyrics: João Novo, music: Rui Barreto/João Sanguinheira
  • Pintado a carvão (Painted with crayon)
    performer: Paulo João Sousa, lyrics: Paulo João Sousa, music: Paulo João Sousa
  • Fogo lento (Simmer)
    performer: Nuno Pinto, lyrics: Américo Faria, music: Américo Faria
  • Minha alma lusitana (My national soul)
    performer: Ricardo Levi, lyrics: Tó Andrade, music: Nuno Pires
  • Serei eu (I am)
    performer: Filipe Delgado, lyrics: Ernesto Leite, music: Ernesto Leite
  • Uma canção À Cid (O sol e as estrelas) (A song by the Cid (The sun and the stars))
    performer: Rui Nova, lyrics: Rui Nova, music: Rui Nova/Noé Gavina
  • O amor não sabe (Love doesn't know)
    performer: Filipa Galvão Telles, lyrics: António Tinoco, music: José Campos e Sousa
  • Caminheiro de mim (Walking man)
    performer: Ricardo Martins, lyrics: Ricardo Martins, music: Ricardo Martins
  • Destino qualquer (Any target)
    performer: João Pedreira, lyrics: João Pedreira, music: João Pedreira
  • Rios (Rivers)
    performer: Gonçalo Tavares, lyrics: Gonçalo Tavares, music: Gonçalo Tavares
  • Cores de um mundo (Colors of a world)
    performer: Gonçalo Madruga, lyrics: Gonçalo Madruga, music: Gonçalo Madruga
  • Quanto eu penso em ti (When I think of you)
    performer: V-Bo, lyrics: Vítor dos Santos, music: Mauro Guerreiro
  • Alvorada (Daybreak)
    performer: Vanessa, lyrics: Nuno Marques da Silva, music: Nuno Feist
  • Arco-íris dentro de mim (A rainbow inside me)
    performer: Ouro, lyrics: Paulo Abreu de Lima, music: José Castanheira / Jan Van Dijck
  • A tua voz (Your Voice)
    performer: Evelyne Filipe, lyrics: Evelyne Filipe, music: Joachim Vermeulen Windsant and Maarten ten Hove
  • Canta por mim (Sing for me)
    performer: Catarina Pereira, lyrics: Carlos Coelho, music: Andrej Babic
  • Contra tudo e todos (Against all odds)
    performer: Claudisabel, lyrics: Luis André Florindo, music: Jorgi Cubino
  • É assim que as coisas são (This is how things are)
    performer: The Agency, lyrics: The Agency, music: The Agency
  • Serei alguém p'ra ti (I will be someone for you)
    performer: Davi Duarte, lyrics: Davi Duarte, music: Davi Duarte
  • Há dias (Days ago)
    performer: Joana Lobo Anta, lyrics: Ana Zanatti, music: Rita Vasconcellos

Notice: the order of the songs is the order in which they were received by RTP.
Read about the procedure of Festival da Canção here .

After a long time waiting, the national broadcaster updated the official page of Festival da Canção 2010. The first phase of the voting procedure has begun and people are aksed to vote for their favourite song until 27 of January. By following the link, you will be able to vote for your favourite entry in the Portuguese selection. You can listen snippets of the songs and vote here .