Portugal: 420 songs submitted

by Luis Florindo 55 views

The first stage of the Portuguese selection process saw RTP receive a total of 420 songs. This means a slight increase compared to last year when 393 songs were submitted.

The jury composed of four members already started listening to the songs and the outcome will be put online next Thursday. Out of the 420 songs presented, 30 will be featured on RTP's website. The duration will be 1'30 and the voting will last between the 21st and 28th of January. The national braodcaster already used this format last year and will be specially concerned with votes coming from temporary e-mail accounts.

As for now, the Head of Delegation, José Poiares, and three music producers Fernando Martins, Ramón Galarza and To Zé Brito and have the task to listen to the songs and decide wich ones will go through to the next round.

After the online voting, the first two mentioned producers will work with the contestants in order to work on the final verions. Each semifinal will feature twelve songs and will take place on the 2nd and 4th of March. The six finalists of each will be picked via 100% televote. On the final, on 6th of March, will be used a 50% jury and 50% televote formula.

In 2009, Portugal was represented at the Eurovision Songcontest by the group Flor-de-Lis and the song Todas as ruas do amor. They reached the final and placed 15th.


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