Denmark: DR opens invitations for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018

by Stratos Agadellis 877 views

The Danish national broadcaster, Danmarks Radio (DR), has officially confirmed the country’s participation at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal, with Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) being their selection process once again.

As with previous years, DMGP 2018 will once again consist of one Grand Final. Submissions are now open for next year’s selection and will close on 15 September. However unlike with previous years, DR will not disallow entries submitted after the deadline and will still be considered for the 2018 selection, as well as the 2019 edition of the national final.

Mads Enggaard, who has been the middleman between the delegations and the broadcaster over the whole process for the last 4 years, is now going to be involved more in the staging of the entries. He will be the new Contributions Producer and will work mostly with the television producers and choreographers.

The rules of the selection process

You can see the DMGP 2018 rules in detail here. All submitted songs have to be recorded in a music studio before the submission of the application of the respective artist to DR. Songs not recorded in a studio are also acceptable, but studio versions will be assessed more positively.

The songs must not exceed the allowed duration of 3 minutes and must not contain political statements or swearing. Furthermore, at least one of the contributors of the song (artist, musician, lyricist) has to be Danish or to have strong relations with the nation.

DR has not yet announced the city and dates of the event, however the city of Aalborg states that is ready to finance and host the show.

This year, the young singer Anja Nissen represented Denmark at Kyiv with the song Where I am, who was selected via the same process. She finished at 20th place in the Grand Final with 77 points.