Greece: 2006 hostess Maria Menounos reveals health issue on People Magazine

by Stratos Agadellis 1,890 views

During an interview at People magazine, the 2006 Eurovision hostess Maria Menounos, who lives and works in the US, talked about some problems with her health faced over the last few months and her decision about giving up on hosting the E! News TV show for a while.

The chronicle of the problem

More specifically, Maria Menounos was informed about the existence of a benign tumor on her brain last April, when the syptoms had begun since February. The TV hostess stated:

I had started to feel dizzy at work and to have headaches. My speech started to be troublesome and I had difficulties reading the autocue.

After the axial tomograph revealed which exactly the problem was, Maria underwent 7 hours of surgery, which removed 99.9% of the tumor. This could be a hereditary issue, as Maria’s mother had been diagnosed with advanced brain cancer and is undergoing a series of chemotherapies.

After all this unpleasant experience, Maria has decided to stay away from her job for a small period of time, until she is fully recovered.

Now the Greek-American journalist is back at home and is recovering with her mother and having her fiance Keven Undergaro by her side. About him, she said:

When Keven’s next to me, I feel fine and sure.