Hungary: Start the week with Joci Pápai’s song, Özönvíz!

by Roy Knoops 1,220 views

Hungary’s 2017 Eurovision representative Joci Pápai recently premiered his latest song Özönvíz.

Joci Pápai performed Özönvíz live on Hungary’s channel Duna, on 18 June 2017. Özönvíz, or Flood, is a passionate lovesong in Joci Pápai’s distinct style, merging modern music with traditional tunes. The songs tells of how a lover becomes a flood of stormy emotions, longing for his beloved. In the live performance, Joci Pápai is accompanied on stage by dancer Alexandra “Mulan” Virág, who also played a pivotal role during Joci Pápai’s Eurovision performance of his entry Origo in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Özönvíz has not yet been officially released via any media services, but  please enjoy the live performance of the song:

Joci Pápai (born József Pápai, Tata, Hungary, 1981) is a Hungarian singer-songwriter, rapper and guitarist of Romani descent. Joci Pápai’s father was the leader of a Romani orchestra, and young Joci began playing the guitar and writing songs from age four. Joci Pápai steadily worked on his musical career, participating in various music compititions, while also pursuing his interest in sports as a basketball player.

He became known to the wider public after his participations in the talent shows Üstökös (“Comet”) in 2001 and Megasztár (“Megastar”) in 2005, followed by several successful collaborations with rapper Majka.

In 2017, Joci Pápai won A Dal, the Hungarian selection for Eurovision. He represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, with the song Origo (Latin for “Origin”), in which he proudly combined the Hungarian language and elements of Roma musical culture with modern song and rap. Progressing to the Grand Final, Joci Pápai and Origo eventually reached a top-10 position, respectably placing 8th, earning 200 points.

Enjoy Joci Pápai performing Origo during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2017: