Eurovision 2017: UA:PBC’s official statement over EBU’s fines

by Michalis Vranis 2,196 views

After yesterday’s news regarding EBU’s decision to take the step and apply fines priced up to 200.000€ to the Ukrainian state broadcaster for damaging the reputation of the competition, today sees UA:PBC answering with an official statement shared with ESCToday. 

UA:PBC Official Statement

The Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine as the hosting broadcaster of Eurovision 2017 did all the best to organize successful Song Contest in Kyiv.
The high level of preparations of three shows was confirmed by guests, delegations and EBU.
The EBU was pleased with the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and commend UA:PBC, our staff, and all those who worked hard on the three live TV shows. The EBU informed UA:PBC they pleased with the Eurovision this year in their thank-you-letter. However, EBU also informed that sanctions against UA:PBC may occur, as the singer from Russian Federation Yulia Samoylova was not able to participate in the Song Contest due to the ban for her entry through Ukrainian border.
The decision of prohibition of entry the Ukrainian border for 3 years was made by Security Service of Ukraine after the proven fact that Samoylova broke Ukrainian law by passing the border of occupied territory of Ukraine, Crimea.
UA:PBC informed that we always follow the law and decisions of state authorities. There is no any reason for UA:PBC to break the law. What is more Eurovision or any other competition can not be an excuse for evading the law of any participating or hosting country.

Moreover UA:PBC stress your attention on the fact that public broadcaster is not a body of state authority. UA:PBC cannot change the law. The question of rules for passing Ukrainian border and the question of responsibility for breaking such rules are not under control of the hosting broadcaster.
Due to all mentioned above sanctions against UA:PBC have no reason. If such sanctions occur we will definitely appeal that according to the rules of EBU.

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