Dyma's Manipulate remix is out

by Aris kalimeris 53 views

Dyma, the Moldovan artist that entered his country's national final released today the remix of his song Manipulate. Currently, Dyma is busy promoting his entry in order to represent Moldova in Oslo.

In collaboration with 2plus, a house project which also released other remixes in the past, Dyma released today two remixes of his Eurovision entry. The first remix is just 3 minutes like the original one and an extended version for the clubs.

One of the most popular magazines in Moldova will also include on it's next circulation a promo CD of the Manipulate versions. It's the first remix being released this year during the Eurovision Song Contest season.

"I wanted to release a remix of the song in order to be easier for the song to be played on radios and clubs. I also wanted a club version so people can listen and dance with my song" declared Dyma.

The remix of the song already attracted attention of a big record label from Europe and Dyma's management is under discussion with them in order to release the remixes in a special compilation. Next week, Dyma will travel to Romania to promote his song on radios and to prepare along with his manager his stage performance and choreography. Below you can listen to the two remixes of Dyma's entry "Manipulate":

Radio edit remix


Club extended version


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