Meet tonight's MGP competitors in Bodø

by Tom Espen Hansen 114 views

Seven contestants are now ready to fight for two direct tickets to the final in Oslo Spektrum, and for to second chance tickets for Sarpsborg. Bodø has held MGP four times before, and is now a really experienced hostcity, and Melodi Grand Prix General Per Sundnes states that everything is running very well this time.

1: Venke Knutson – Jealous Cause I Love You

Venke Knutson (31) is really happy to be a part of the Eurovision family, and she loved Bobbysocks back in 1985. The name of the song is Jealous Cause I Love You and the title is not hard to identify with, even though she has not experiensed this kind of jealousy herself. She says she enjoys beeing one of the favourites, and she would love to compete aginst her friend from the south of Norway, Maria Arredondo.

2: Skanksters – Life is Here Today

Skansksters are a relatively unknown band from Stavanger, who had their first performances in 1992. They never dreamt of attending MGP, but the last years have proven that nothing is impossible. They describe their music style as inspired from the 1970s and bands like Madness and The Specials (and also the Norwegian band The Monroes). The ska inspired song Life Is Here Today is written by Arne Hovda, who has co-written Heine Totland's entry this year.

3: Tomine Harket – Be Good To Me

Tomine Harket (16) is the daughter of famous Morten Harket, former Eurovision Song Contest host and lead singer of the most popular Norwegianband in history,A-ha. The song is written by her stepfather Tommy La Verdi. He held many auditions to find the right artist for his song, but didn't find the right one. He even concidered performing it himself, in despite of his fright of stages. Just a few days before the deadline, Tomine asked him if she could give it a try, and she did it beautifully. She is the youngest contestant this year, but has been on stage since the age of ten.

4: Hanne Haugsand – Don't Stop

Don't stop is written by Mariann Thomassen from last years Melodi Grand Prix entrants, Surferosa. Hanne Haugsand (one of the three girlsfrom Charmedwho sang at the Eurovision Song Contest forNorway in2001) didn't know Mariann before this years MGP. met with the girls from Charmed after a reunion in Oslo where they performed My heart goes boom for the second time only after competing in Stockholm. Hanne stated that she didn't want to attend MGP unless the song is really really good, but when Mariann called her, she saidyes after listening to only 10 seconds of the song. Their entry 'Don't Stop has recieved a lot of attention from the gay audience, and the girls are really happy about that, and claim that they are "this years fag hags".

5: Maria Arredondo – The Touch

Maria Arredondo (24) has been talking to well known composer Rolf Løvland (who wrote Norway's first two Eurovision Song Contest winning entries in 1985, 1995 as well as Romeo, the song that competed on home soil in 1986) for a couple of years about participating in MGP with a ballad. 2010 was the first year she had time, after finishing her role in The Sound of Music. 'The Touch is a classic pop-ballad, andKristiansand Symphonyorchestra has contributed in the production. On stage Maria will focus on the song, only appearing in a beautiful blue dress.

6: Heine Totland – The Best of Me is You

Heine Totland (39) is a true entertainer with a long career in both music and musicals. He now also have MGP in his resume, has never competed in music before, but loves to be on stage singing, and says MGP is pure fun. He thinks of himself as an outsider, and doesn't really believe in going through to Spektrum, but he says he is intending to win the afterparty.

7: Alexander Stenerud – Give It To Me

Give it to me is the third timethat Alexander Stenerud competes in MPG. Three years ago as the lead singer of the band Zuma,last year he finished third, after Alexander Rybak. Many people thought he was very dissapointed last year, looking really sad, but he states himself that he was just exhausted, and everybody expected Rybak to win. He refuses the thought of competing again next year, as three years in a row is enough. It is win or disappear for him this year. All his three songs have been about love, and this year it really suits him, as he finally have found love himself.

You can follow tonight's semi final live with and react in our live article. The show begins at 19:55 local time/CET, the webcast link will be published in the live article shortly before show time.