Eurovision 2018: Initial planning underway; meeting with EBU next month

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The president of the Portuguese national broadcaster, RTP, has spoken of the initial plans in the lead up to the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, set to take place in the first-time winning nation of the event.

Following the country’s first ever Eurovision victory last weekend, the president of RTP Gonçalo Reis has revealed his excitement for next year’s competition and has spoken of the broadcaster’s initial plans for next year’s competition.

Claimed as a great opportunity for the nation, Reis has spoken of his delight at Portugal’s Eurovision victory, speaking of the positive opportunities this will bring to the nation, both in the sense of tourism as well as entertainment for the broadcaster.

According to Reis, RTP will ‘find conditions to make Eurovision without excesses’.

Amount “within reasonable limits”

Costs are already in discussion regarding the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, with Portuguese media having already speculated a sum of between 30 to 50 million Euros, taking into account the costs amounted from previous competitions.

RTP’s Board of Directors revealed that the amount involved is expected to be ‘within reasonable limits’, adding:

We have already passed the specifications, with very specific technical requirements.

These are set to be worked on in the coming weeks and months, with the team for the 2018 event to be defined and finalised in the coming weeks.

Following the country’s victory on Saturday, numerous big national brands across the country have expressed their desire to sponsor the grand event next year according to Reis, adding that the 2018 event will present a ‘tone of quality, elegance and simplicity’.

EBU meeting on 13 June

With 2018 discussions underway, the first official meeting between RTP and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is reportedly planned and scheduled to take place on the 13 June, with Reis revealing:

From a technical point of view, there are many demands and RTP has to know how to do it.

Reis went on to reveal that, as of now, the location of the competition has not yet been decided, with further discussions expected to be held during the EBU meeting next month.

Last Saturday saw Portugal’s first ever victory at the Eurovision Song Contest with Salvador Sobral and his entry Amar pelos dois, receiving the highest ever total amount of 758 points.

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