Ukraine sets language rule for song selection

by Victor Hondal 45 views

The Ukrainian broadcaster NTU has come up with a surprising rule as to the languages in which the submitted entries must be written. Four languages are welcome: Besides Ukrainian, the national language; and English, other two languages, Spanish and Italian, have been added to the list.

This means that Vassyl Lazarovich, the 2010 Ukrainian participant, will be singing in one or several of these languages next May in Oslo.

Since its Eurovision debut back in 2003, English has been the most used language in Ukrainian entries. Tina Karol in 2006, Ani Lorak in 2008 and Svetlana Loboda in 2009 sung their songs entirely in that language. Ruslana in 2004 and Greenjolly in 2005 used a mixture of English and Ukrainian. Olexander Ponomaryov, in 2003, sung almost entirely in English, except a small phrase in Spanish (Hasta la vista), which gives raise to the title of the song. And last, but not least, Verka Serduchka in 2007 sung Dancing lasha tumbai in a mixture of Ukrainian, English and German.