Norway: NRK enjoys high ratings for Eurovision 2017

by Stratos Agadellis 3,309 views

Just two days after Eurovision 2017 threw a curtain, the Norwegian broadcaster Norsk ringkringkasting (NRK) revealed the ratings of the contest’s Grand Final in Norway, and these seem to be more than satisfactory!

Impressive interest in the contest

The average TV rating on Saturday evening was the huge 78%. That means that about 1,354,000 people watched the show in Norway! It is also quite remarkable that, within the age group 12-19, the percentage of rating jumped even to 90%, a percentage which is usually observed in the winning and the host country!

Norway this year ended up in 10th place with JOWST and his song Grab the moment. In the video below you can enjoy again the Norwegian 2017 participation:

In the NRK Analysis, the media researcher Håkon Lund Sørensen stated:

The Eurovision Song Contest ratings in Norway show that this mission is still able to gather a large proportion of the population across different age groups.