Lithuania: Sasha Son and Ramunas Difartas submitted songs

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Two more acts that have submitted songs for the Lithuanian national final have been revealed. One of them is Sasha Son, who already represented the country in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. The other one is Ramunas Difartas, who took part as part of the group Dreams in the Lithuanian selections in 2002 and 2004.

Sasha Son's song is called Panele but will most likely be performed in an English version called Europe, wake up!. Already when it was not clear whether Lithuania would take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the singer has stated that he would like to submit his song describing it as "more happy and energetic" than his 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry Love. With the latter song, he finished ninth in the second semi final and 23rd in the final having been the opening act of the show. He had already taken part in the 2008 national final as a soloist and finished third with Miss kiss. In 2007, he had taken part as part of the group U-Soul not making it to the final with At your door.

Sasha Son had previously stated that he would perform the song to his fans on 31st December to ask them if he should submit this song or rather choose another one. Meanwhile, English lyrics have been posted on and the singer explains that they are supposed to show some humor: "The song … is about the fact that many people in Europe do not even know where Lithuania is". The lyrics that were published even refer to his participation in the 2009 contest: "Last year, I traveled down to the Moscow city/Yes, It was nice, but what a pity, they said/You did great, mate, but we're sorry, you're late/Whatever…/Miss Kaas, our dialog was a little bit soggy, it's a shame I didn't meet your doggy/Dima you didn't fake it, girls and boys wanna see you naked/Alexander you were even hotter, I guess that's why they comparing you to Harry Potter." You can read the complete lyrics here.

You can listen to the Lithuanian version of Europe, wake up! below:

Ramunas Difartas took part as part of the group Dreams twice in the Lithuanian national final. In 2002, they finished sixth with the song You'll be waiting while two years later, they did not make it past the fifth semi final finishing sixth with Taste of love. He is also known from the TV show IššÅ«kis žvaigždÄ�ms. Lietuvos dainų dešimtukas.. His new effort is called Blues of life and you can listen to it on here.

Many thanks to enzas for the contribution to the article.

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