UPD Mihai Trastariu found the right song?

by Aris kalimeris 68 views

The submission deadline in Romania expires tomorrow. It seems that Mihai Traistariu is still undecided about his participation at the national selection, although he might have found an appropriate song to sing in duet with Biondo.

Several days ago, Mihai Traistariu received an offer from Biondo to apply jointly for the Romanian selection. Biondo participated in the 2008 Romanian final ending up 2nd after Nico and Vlad Mirita.

"I have received this song from Biondo. It is exactly their style. I listen to it everyday and i don't know what to do. I will think about what to do. I really want to overtake Tornero. Do you know how our voices really get along? You don't even have a clue. It is perfect. I am not afraid about Romania, but about Oslo, I don't wanna have the same fate Elena had last year. She sung perfectly but ended up almost last" declared Mihai Traistariu.

We will shortly know if Mihai finally made up his mind and will be in the Romanian selection.

UPDATE. According to bestmusic.ro, who talked via telephone to Mihai Traistariu, the singer stated the following: "I have not applied. The song is beautiful and I would make a video for it anyway, but I am not so convinced. I looked in international forums and the public wants me to attend the contest once. The song is beautiful, but not like I put so much in value. I do not like the show, I am the voice. That's all I expected, to have a good track. I do exactly as we did with Tornero, to enter the studio together with composers until the piece comes out as I want".

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