Portugal wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

by Jessica Weaver 10,310 views

A winner has been crowned! Portugal has won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Kyiv with their entry Amar pelos dois, having received a combined total of 758 points in tonight’s show. Which Portuguese city will we be flying to in 2018 for the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest?

Tonight saw a total of 26 finalists competing for the Eurovision trophy this evening in the hope of bringing the competition to their home countries for 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

It’s been an intense yet exciting evening at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv; following constant changes in the betting odds and polls over the final days of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, tonight it was time to find the actual winner of this year’s competition.

The winner was decided in 2 sets of votes; the first 50% of the votes were determined via each of the national juries from each participating country which were unveiled in the first half of the voting by each country’s chosen spokesperson, whilst the remaining 50% was decided tonight in the public televote and unveiled by the hosts in the second half of voting.

Firstly, the jury votes

The first set of votes from tonight came from the 42 national juries which saw constant movements and changes in the top set of votes. It was Portugal who was crowned the winner of the jury vote with his song Amar pelos dois, after receiving a gigantic lead in the vote.

However it wasn’t over yet, as the results from tonight’s public televote were still to be added to the final total. With Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal leading the betting odds over the past number of days, it was time to see whether one of the favourites would win this year’s competition, or whether a dark horse would emerge at the final hurdle.

Televotes are in; a winner has been crowned!

Moving onto the second half of voting with the public televote results, which the points for each finalists being unveiled one after another by the hosts of the evening.

With most of the televoting results being revealed, it was Portugal, Bulgaria, Moldova and Belgium who placed in the top 4 of tonight’s public vote, with Portugal and Bulgaria still in the run for the Eurovision trophy this evening.

Following an exciting vote, Portugal and Salvador Sobral has been crowned the winner of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Amar pelos dois, receiving a final combined total of 758 points tonight.

Grand Final Results

So we’ll be flying to Portugal next May for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! What do you think of tonight’s winner? Are you pleased with the final outcome?