Exclusive: EMA 2010 on February 20 and 21

by René Romkes 53 views

RTVSLO has revealed the dates of the EMA semi-final and final exclusively to esctoday.com today. Unlike previous reports, Slovenia's annual national song contest will not take place during the first half of March. The semi-final (EMA Predizbor) will take place on February 20 and the final (EMA Izbor) will take place one day later as usual, on February 21. Further details will be announced tomorrow during a press conference organised by the broadcaster.

Three weeks ago, the the 14 selected songs and artists were revealed. During the semi-final all 14 songs will be presented to the audience and televoting will decide which songs will proceed to the final. It’s not known yet how many songs will be admitted to this year’s EMA final.

EMA 2010 will introduce a number of new features to the contest: for the very first time the winner will be decided by televoting only and all songs will be sung in the Slovene language – both in EMA and at the Eurovision Song Contest – in order to promote the Slovene language.

The following 14 acts andsongs have been selected for this year's edition of EMA:

  1. Nina PušlarDež
  2. Martina Šraj Dovolj Ljubezni
  3. Zadnji Taxi Franjo
  4. Vaso & D Plejbeks Gremo na emo
  5. Petra Pe�ovnikIz Nevade
  6. Martina FeriLe en dan
  7. Maro VozeljMaj si zrak
  8. Anz. Roka Žlindere & KalamariNarodnozabavni rock
  9. Sara KoboldOd tod do Ve�nosti
  10. Brigita ŠulerPara me
  11. Ylenia ZobecPriznam
  12. Langa Roko di maj
  13. Manca ŠpikTukaj sem doma
  14. Saša ZamernikŽivim za zdaj