Swedes and Estonians to organise the 2003 contest

by Jarmo Siim 220 views

Amoung the organisers of this year's Eurovision Song Contest there are only 3 Latvians. The total number of the main organisers is 11.

Juhan Paadam, the executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2002 and the consultant of the ESC 2003, said that eventhough there are only 3 Latvians in the organising team, the organiser of the event is still the Latvian Television and they make all the calls.

The Latvians in the team are the executive producer Brigita Rozenbrika, technical director Aigars Raits and Even manager Iveta Lepe�ko.

Paadam agreed with the creative producer of the show, Marius Bratten, who stated that the main problem of the ESC 2003 is the creative side.“A lot of important decisions are still to be made. There's no tragedy, we just have a little time,” he said.

The postcards are going to be recorded during the so-called Euroweek (the week proceeding the contest). The interval act is going to be taped and the television viewers will see it from the tape. Currently they're building the stage of the grandious event.

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