No San Marino either for Eurovision 2010

by Stella Floras 2,701 views

One more country will not be taking part in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest due to financial reasons. San Marino TV, after months of unsuccessful negotiations with the local Parliament and sponsors, will be unable to send a representative to Oslo as they have not been able to obtain state or private funding.

San Marino joined the Eurovision family in 2008 sending Italian Sammarinese boy band Miodio who did not make it to the final that year. In 2009, San Marino TV, disappointed in the poor 2008 placing as well as faced with financial difficulties decided not to take part. Negotiations started again in late 2009 inside the microstate to decide whether it would be possible for them to enter for the 2010 edition of the contest to be held in Oslo, Norway. Paola and Chiara, the successful Italian sister duo, were approached and agreed to represent the country should they decide to take part after all.

After months of negotiation SMRTV have been unable to come up with the funding required thus they will not be able to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 after all.

Stella Floras

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