Dutch national final to be held on February 7

by René Romkes 68 views

Last week we reported already that Pierre Kartner will compose the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. In the meantime, more details about the Dutch selection have been revealed. TROS will broadcast 2 big tv shows. During the first one, on January 31, several relatively unknown talents will be presented to the Dutch viewers and one week later, February 7, the winner will be chosen by Pierre Kartner himself after listening to the different versions of Kartner's song.

All performers will be coached by famous Dutch singers during the selection proces. Amongst them are Jan Keizer, Guus Meeuwis, Edsilia Rombley (1998 and 2007), Marianne Weber, René Froger (2009)and Frans Bauer.

The newsthat PierreKartner will be responsible for the 2010 Dutch Eurovision entrywasn't received with a lot of enthusiasm in The Netherlands. Eric van Tijn, one of the composers resposible for the Dutch entries in 1993 (Vrede by Ruth Jacott)and 1998 (Hemel en Aarde by Edsilia Rombley), is far from impressed by the choice for Kartner. Eric van Tijn: 'I really thought it was a joke when I first heard the news. Face it, Pierre Kartner isn't the most obvious composer anymoreto write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest. I admit that Kartner has written some fantastic songs in the past, but that's way too long ago, if you ask me.However, lets not underestimate him; we'll just have to wait and see.'

Kartner himself is not impressed by the criticism: 'I found the melody already. It's a good song with an interesting message. The song will be in Dutch, because a national language is one of the fewreal characteristicsleft in these times of globalisation. However, this means the melody has to be strong enough, so the international voters will forget the fact that they can't understand the lyrics.I know there will be a lot of criticism, but I don't care. I think we might do very well in the contest this year!'.