Portuguese fans call on singers to participate at national final

by Luis Florindo 57 views

Fans are launching petitions to and reaching out to artists to make them aware of the national final and possibly consider taking part.

Eurovision Song Contest related websites and fans in general arecontacting singers and groups of the Portuguese music scene to consider send in songs for Festival da Canção (FC)2010.

A petition has been put online (here)for theDJ's Pedro Cazanova, Vibe and Diego Miranda to apply for the national finals. They are responsible for several songs that have been topping the charts in Portugal and have already worked with Liliana and Andreafrom Nonstop and Filipa Batista (FC 2008).

DJ PedroCazanova invites Filipa – My first luv:

Also, a board for suggestions called Find your Singer connected to the site Portugal no ESC (here)has been put forward for fans toleave the names and contacts of artists they would like to see at the national final.

Names of former participants such as Dina (ESC 1992),Teresa Radamanto (FC 1998, 2007)havedeclared to the Site Festivais RTP da Cançãothey wouldn't close the door to a possible candidacy. Eva Danin andNunoe Fábia (FC 2009) will for surebe sending songs. The names coming forward to participate will surely increase in the following weeks.

The regulations are clear: the artists to take partat Festival da Canção 2010 haveto be of Portuguese nationality, but the composers could be from abroad. Candidacies can be sent to RTP until 15 January 2010.

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