The Netherlands: Pierre Kartner composes Dutch entry

by René Romkes 277 views

Musician Pierre Kartner, also known as Vader Abraham (Father Abraham), was approached by Dutch broadcaster TROS to write next year's Dutch song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Up to this day the 74 year old singer/songwriter owns the record for best selling Dutch composer ever.

The successor of The Toppers is not known yet at the moment, as TROS won’t reveal anything yet about their further plans for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. The Dutch entry in Oslo will be performed in Dutch language though. What was announced, though, is that the commentary will be provided by DJ Daniël Dekker and Cornald Maas.

Pierre Kartner is known outside the Netherlands for his global hit The Smurf Song which sold more than 30 million copies worlwide. Another song, Het kleine café aan de haven, was covered by The Fureys and might be better known as Red Rose Café

Kartner is not a total stranger in the world of Eurovision, as he wrote the Dutch entry back in 1973 as well. Ben Cramer became 14th with De oude muzikant.

Commentator Cornald Maas reacted with enthusiasm on the initiative taken by TROS: ‘Last year, Andrew Lloyd Webber put the festival back on the map in the United Kingdom. Perhaps Pierre Kartner, the Lloyd Webber of the Netherlands, might succeed as well in getting a good result for our country. Besides that, I look forward to working with Daniël Dekker. It’s a logical step from TROS to ask him as a commentator. However I feel honoured that the broadcaster appreciates my expertise as well.’

Ben Cramer – De oude muzikant