Russia: t.A.T.u release album in Latin America

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t.A.T.u, the popular Russian duo who represented their country in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest will be releasing the English version of their 2008 album Happy smiles in Latin America on 15th December.

The Happy smiles album has been renamed to Waste management, the working title used at the early stages of its production and will be released by the Brazilian label Coquiero Verde Records in Brazil, Argentina and Chile in mid December. The particular version of the album features a re-arranged track listing where all songs will be linked together by short instrumental interludes to create a sense of continuity: “You should listen to this version of our LP non-stop at least once to feel what we tried to create. We call this version “pinkfloydish” among us”, explains Lena Katina. “Pink Floyd was not the only band who did it this way, but we can say it was them who inspired us. Waste Management has got all songs bound together by short instrumental interludes composed by our author Evgeniy Matveitsev. This version of the LP is one continuous music trip”.

t.A.T.u are possibly the most successful Russian band of all time ever since its creation in 1999. They represented their homeland, Russia, at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest placing third with Ne ver ne boysia.

t.A.T.u Snegopady (Snowfalls)

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