INFE Poll 2017: Here are the votes from France

by Jessica Weaver 2,095 views

We have our next set of votes in the INFE Poll 2017! Over the coming days, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will be presenting you with the results of the first official INFE Poll, with votes gathered and combined from INFE clubs based in Europe and beyond!

Throughout the rest of this month, the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) in collaboration with ESCToday will be bringing you the full results of the official INFE Poll 2017, the first of its kind for the network since its formation back in 2011.

Members based in 18 clubs across the INFE Network have submitted their votes which have been counted and combined, ready to be officially presented over the remaining days to come.

INFE France is the next club to submit and unveil their votes in the INFE Poll 2017, but who did their members rank in their top 10? Let’s check out the full French votes!

Votes from INFE France

  • 1 point goes to Finland
  • 2 points go to Hungary
  • 3 points go to Armenia
  • 4 points go to Belgium
  • 5 points go to FYR Macedonia
  • 6 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 7 points go to Greece
  • 8 points go to Bulgaria
  • 10 points go to Sweden
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 5

  1. Italy: 162 points
  2. Bulgaria: 105 points
  3. Sweden: 100 points
  4. France: 64 points
  5. Belgium: 62 points

The votes from INFE France include the same top 3 countries as the current top 5 of the whole poll, swapping Bulgaria and Sweden in their own votes. The next set of votes will be unveiled later today here at ESCToday together with the INFE Network, so stay tuned!

All about INFE France

INFE France, formerly known as Euroidol, joined the INFE Network shortly after its foundation.

The club was known under the name Euroidol from 2011 up until last year, before deciding to make the presence of the INFE Network more known within its name, now known simply at INFE France.

Members of INFE France attend the Eurovision Song Contest on a yearly basis and are regularly updated on the latest news and updates regarding the contest.

Whilst a revamp of the INFE France sites is underway, you can for the meantime follow all the latest updates regarding the French club with the INFE Network!