Awards 2009: Start nominating!

by Marcus Klier 55 views

The results of the 2009 national final awards have been revealed, and now it is time for the “big ones”. The fourth annual awards will honour the songs, performances and people behind the entries of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Now you can nominate the acts in the 21 categories, among them a few new ones.

New cateogries

Apart from the established award categories, some new ones have been added this year:

  • Best arrangement and production: This award will be given to the arranger(s) and producer(s) who did the best job in bringing a song into its final shape
  • Most creative effort: The award for Most traditional Europop song has been given out the last two years but this year, also the most creative/unusual song will be honoured with an award
  • Best choreography: Many performances include dance routines, and the best one will be given this award
  • Best backing performer(s): Up to six people are allowed on stage and besides the lead performes, the backing vocalists and dancers are often an important part of the performance, the best ones will be given an award
  • Best stage effects: The stage in Moscow was among the biggest ones ever, so which performer used it the best way with various effects and clever background images?

Furthermore, there will now be two awards for Lyricist of the year, one for lyrics written entirely (or almost entirely) in English and one for lyrics written in languages other than English.

You can cast your nominations now. Follow the links below to reach the polls where you can choose your respective favourite to get a nomination. The top five will get a nomination; the only exception is the Song of the year category, where eight songs will be nominated.

Don't remember?

If you do not remember all songs and performances, you can find all of them on our official youtube channel here.

All polls will be open until this Sunday, 29th November 16:00 CET. The nominees will be revealed next Monday, when the voting will start.

Nominate Annotations
Song of the year here As always, the songs that finished in the top five in the final, are already nominated. Another three songs will be added to that list.
Performance of the year here
Composer of the year here
Lyricist of the year/
English lyrics
here This award is for lyrics written entirely or almost entirely in English. The Turkish and Czech entries include a few words in Turkish and Romani respectively but are still considered to be English in general.
Lyricist of the year/
Non-English and multilingual lyrics
here This award is for lyrics written partly or entirely in other languages than English. You can find the lyrics of all entries along with their translations on the website Please note that the Lithuanian entry was performed in English and Russian in the final.
Best production and arrangement here
Most traditional Europop song here
Most creative effort here
Best female performance here
Best male performance here
Best duo/group performance here
Best female vocal performance here
Best male vocal performance here
Best duo/group vocal performance here If a group had a lead vocalist, he or she can be found in the respective categories above.
Best act not to qualify from the semi finals here
Best backing performer(s) here
Best choreography here
Best stage effects here
Best dressed act here
Worst dressed act here
Best preview video here