National Final Awards: The award for Best Song goes to…

by Marcus Klier 53 views

Over the last few weeks, the voting for the 2009 national final awards took place. Thousands of votes were cast and now it is time to reveal the winners. Today, the recipents of the award for Best song are revelaed.

The 2009 National Final Award for BEST SONG goes to…

  • Stay the night from the Swedish national final written by Andreas Lundstedt, Therese Merkel, Lina Hedlund, Anders Hansson & Mårten Sandén

Stay the night was co-written by Alcazar's current members along with Anders Hansson & Mårten Sandén. The song finished fifth in the Swedish national final; Alcazar had previously finished third both in 2003 and 2005. The song peaked at number two in the Swedish single charts, which marks the band's highest position since Alcastar in 2005.

The song (studio version):

This award was given out for the first time and it was the only category with eight instead of five nominees. The complete results were as follows:

  1. Sweden – 27.7%
  2. Nada es comparable a ti (Spain) – 17.0%
  3. Someday (Denmark) – 14.4%
  4. Butterflies (Norway) – 9.8%
  5. Surrender (Finland) – 8.3%
  6. Will you dance with me (Israel) – 8.0%
  7. Ajër (Albania) – 7,6%
  8. Juntos vamos conseguir (Yes we can) (Portugal) – 7.0%

These were the final results of the 2009 national final awards. We want to thank everyone who ttok part in the voting! Later today, we will provide an overview with all winners.

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