Portugal holds National Final on March 6th

by Luis Florindo 65 views

For 2010, RTP decided to introduce two semifinals and a final in order to choose its song for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Another change to the song selection is the participation of foreign authors.

The process of selecting the song that will represent Portugal at the 2010 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will consist of various steps:

  1. Submission of candidacies till mid January;
  2. Selection of 30 to 35 songs by a jury to be put online for voting (the voting will last for a week);
  3. The top 24 songs of the web voting will compete in two semifinals with 12 songs each;
  4. From semifinals 6 songs will go through to the final via 100% televote;
  5. The winning song in the final will be chosen using the 50/50 system (televote and jury).

The final details and the regulations of Festival da Canção 2010 will be released next week. RTP has decided to allow foreign composers and lyricists to take part as long as the song is presented entirely in Portuguese. The singer or group will also have to be Portuguese.

This comes as an innovation to the process used in recent years. José Poaires, Head of Delegation, commented on that saying: "We had a good example with Senhora do Mar" and added "the song was composed by a Croatian author and it wasn't less 'Portuguese' for that".

In 2008, RTP invited ten music prdoducers who were responsible for picking the authors of the song no matter the nationality, but in 2009 the regulations stated that only national citizens could enter the competition.

The three shows will take place in the same week, between the 2nd and 6th March. The venue chosen is one of the biggest in Portugal. Campo Pequeno can hold up to ten thousand spectators. It was converted into a modern concert room a few years ago.

The jury that will select the songs will be appointed by RTP. The voting process online will be similar to the one used this year but will last no longer than a week.

In Moscow, Portugal was represented by the group Flor-de-Lis singing Todas as ruas do amor. They qualified in 8th place to the final where they ranked 15th with 57 points.