UK: Musical Evening with Nicki French

by Russell Davies 65 views

Nicki French, the United Kingdom's representative in the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, will be performing in a very special concert in London on 26th November. Appearing in the St Paul's Church in Covert Garden in Musical Evening with Nicki French, Nicki will be performing unplugged versions of songs from the musical theater as well as her own disco anthems and Eurovision favorites from over the years. St Paul's Church is known as the actor's church and is renowned for having amazing acoustics which will showcase Nicki's vocal talent.

Speaking to about her concert Nicki said, Unlike the normal Nicki French shows this will be just me accompanied with a grand piano. There will be no backing track, no drums or guitars – just me completely exposed with just my friend Phil Shute playing the grand piano. I will be singing song from musical theater and for me, it will provide a throwback to the music I was involved with this in the past and would love to be involved with again in the future. When I was younger, musical theater was part of my life and I'm regard this concert as a return to my roots. Of course there will be a few songs from the Nicki French repertoire, however these songs will be performed with a different twist. I will also be performing striped down versions of a few Eurovision songs which will highlight the beauty and quality of the songs and and not the gimmicks.

Nicki told of her fears about her solo concert. The thought of doing this show truly terrifies me. I could be eating witjuti grubs from the Australian outback for I'm a celebrate get me out of here and not be so daunted! There prospect of appearing on the stage with just a microphone and a pianist gives me a feeling of complete venerability. I will feel exposed, stripped bare and completely out of my comfort zone. Singing in the Eurovision Song Contest was a peace of cake compared with this.

This show has been planned since Nicki's return from her recent successful tour of Brazil where she performed in a number of sell out of concerts. I'm still very popular in Brazil, although this is the only place where I perform that they do not ask me to sing Don't play that song again, said Nicky.

The shows starts at 7:30 on 27th November and tickets are sold on the door for £10, or available at