Vi maler byen rød: The Musical

by Dominique Dufaut 97 views

A musical based on the most popular songs from the history of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix will have its premiere in April 2010 in Copenhagen. The musical is called Vi maler byen rød: The Musical, named after the popular Danish Eurovision song from 1989 (performed by Birthe Kjaer).

Vi maler byen rød: The Musical is written by Rasmus Mansachs and presented by Musicalteatret. With more than 20 of the biggest Melodi Grand Prix hits to date (including the title number), the musical promises to be a big, colourful and entertaning show with singing, dancing, bright lights, big hair and a lot of shoulder pads.

The story is set in the 1980's and follows a group of young people as they are about to leave high school. They each have problems with school, their families or their love lives. And some of them even have a very big secret or two. It all comes together in a funny and touching story with a mystery or two to be solved along the way

Tickets will soon be available at A facebook page has been created. If you become a fan of the Facebook page, you will be notified as soon as ticket sales begin. More information here .