Armenia: Flying with Artsvik in her Eurovision postcard

by Jessica Weaver 763 views

The days are ticking away as this year’s Eurovision Song Contest ever getting nearer, with artists and delegations from participating countries finishing preparations before flying to Kyiv in the coming week. This week sees Armenia completing their Eurovision postcard shoot across the nation.

After being selected to represent Armenia back in December following a 3-month selection process, Artsvik has been busy in the lead up to the competition with the production of her Eurovision entry, as well as touring across the continent to promote her song Fly with me.

This week has seen one of the final parts of preparation for the competition coming to completion, with the official Eurovision postcard for the nation being filmed.

Each year before every performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, a short postcard video introducing the participating country and artist is played with a theme for each postcard being given annually.

This year’s postcard theme sees artists exploring their home nation, reminiscing on their past by visiting memorable locations across their nation.

Flying with Artsvik across Armenia!

Armenia’s postcard for the 2017 competition will see the country’s entrant exploring the ancient Armenian monastery of Noravank, as we fly with Artsvik above the complex in a hot air balloon!

Artsvik’s trip across the country will finish in the capital of Yerevan, enjoying the tastes of the local wineries in city alongside backing vocalists Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan, Victoria Poghosyan and Amalia Margaryan, together with the Fly with me co-author David Tserunyan.

Speaking of her postcard shoot, Artsvik revealed:

I had a lot of fun shooting my postcard for Eurovision. We spend the whole day traveling to different locations to shoot the scenes. It was tiring but very exciting.

One of the most memorable moments from that day was flying on a giant air balloon. It was always my dream and I am very happy to have this unique experience!

Artsvik will compete in the first semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest on the 9 May, performing for a place in the grand final on the 13 May.

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