OGAE Poll 2017: Romania calling!

by Jessica Weaver 4,136 views

The next set of votes in the OGAE International Poll 2017 are in as the points from club members across Europe and beyond continue to roll in over the days to come. Which entry from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will rank as their favourite?

OGAE Romania is next to vote in the OGAE Poll 2017 with Francesco Gabbani receiving yet another set of 12 points from the club; Bulgaria receives 10 points whilst Sweden receives 8. Check out the full results from OGAE Romania here!

Points from OGAE Romania

  • 1 point goes to Ireland
  • 2 points go to Israel
  • 3 points go to Denmark
  • 4 points go to France
  • 5 points go to Belgium
  • 6 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 7 points go to Switzerland
  • 8 points go to Sweden
  • 10 points go to Bulgaria
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 3

Nineteen votes down; time to check the current top 3 of the OGAE Poll 2017:

  1. Italy: 215 points
  2. Belgium: 149 points
  3. Sweden: 138 points

In the coming days, we’ll get to know the favourites of the fan club members in the OGAE Poll 2017 in the lead up to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned as the votes continue to roll in with a winner set to be crowned later this month!