Norway: NRK coerces EBU for Eurovision rule change?

by Stratos Agadellis 3,948 views

Further news that we’re learning creates one more controversy regarding this year’s Eurovision. After the thriller regarding Russia’s participation in the contest, which finally resulted in withdrawal, a statement from the Norwegian participant JOWST comes to trouble the organizers and the fans of the contest.

One more incident

According to JOWST’s interview to Eurovisionworld, the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK is in negotiations with the EBU to remove the rule that prohibits the pre-recorded vocals during the performances of the artists; a rule that exists to ensure that all voices and vocals are live. That issue arose as the entrants of Norway use several “electronic voices” in their song Grab the moment that cannot be attributed live.

A decision from the Reference Group is needed in order for this to come true. But if something like this were to happen, big speculation surrounding the future of the contest derives.

As the orchestra has been removed since 1999, the abolition of this rule may convert Eurovision to a complete commercial television event as these decisions could be argued as against the purity of the songs and music.

Here you can have a look at this year’s Norwegian entry:

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Norway will perform 12th in the second semi-final on 11 May. The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 9, 11 and 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.