France: Isabelle Aubret's most beautiful songs

by Dominique Dufaut 187 views

A CD album has just been released in France on Gérard Meys label (Sony distribution) with Isabelle Aubret's 24 best songs.

What is unusual with this record is the fact that Isabelle’s two Eurovision songs can be found on it. Former compilations rarely had Un premier amour, because this ballad was not considered as a big hit of the singer, in spite of the fact it won the Eurovision Song Contest.Still, the versions of both songs on the new CD are re-recordings. Big Eurovision and Isabelle Aubret’s collectors confirmed that La source is not the 1977 re-recording. Same for Un premier amour, which is neither the 1973 re-recording, nor the 1980’s.

By the way, the only time a CD includes original versions of both songs is on the 3-CD compilation Eurovision: Les plus belles chansons françaises, 8 years ago by Reader’s Digest France.Track list and excerpts of the songs can be found here .

La source performed on stage:

Un premier amour performed in Mysen, Norway, at the Winners Contest, 1981:

Isabelle Aubret won for France at the 1962 Eurovision Song Contest with Un premier amour. She represented France 6 years later with La source and placed 3rd.

Thanks to Alain, Michel-Pierre and Thierry.

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