Croatia: Severina unveils her poison in latest hit Otrove

by Jessica Weaver 2,160 views

The Balkan pop star has returned! Back with her second single from her upcoming album, Croatia’s Severina is back with her latest dance release Otrove.

Released online earlier today, Severina’s Otrove is predicted to become the next big hit across the Balkan nations having almost accumulated 100,000 views within the first couple of hours of its release!

Produced by KC Blaze, Otrove combines a mixture of Balkan dance, EDM and rap music in order to become the next big hit for the Croatian pop-folk singer.

When two Eurovision stars collab

Not only one, but two former Eurovision participants have come together in order to write Severina’s second hit from her forthcoming album; Bosnian rapper Jala Brat features together with the Croatian pop-icon, having previously competed at the Stockholm hosted contest in 2016.

Speaking of her latest collaboration with Jala Brat, Severina revealed:

When I heard the song ‘Otrove’, I heard a poet, I heard an above the average talent, who wasn’t aware of it. And that’s what gives him charm and why people love him. Thank you, Jala Brat, keep flying high…

Jala Brat added:

The song has been written in a few late hours and it was created especially for Severina. It is sincere and has a clear message that anyone, who was once poisoned with love, can relate to.

Check out Severina’s poison with her latest release!