Georgia: Check out the final version of Keep the Faith

by Jessica Weaver 1,463 views

We have our next revamp in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest as Georgia becomes the next nation to make changes to their chosen entry for the Kyiv-hosted competition.

Earlier this evening during the Grand Gala Concert held if Europe Square, Tbilisi, the 2017 Georgian Eurovision representative Tamara Gachechiladze presented the final version of her winning national final entry, Keep the faith.

Written by the singer herself together with close friend as well as the country’s 2012 representative Anri Jokhadze, the final version of the competing entry sees a number of polished, yet subtle, changes to the arrangement.

One of the most notable changes is that of the final chorus which sees the addition of further instrumentation. See if you can spot the changes here (1:56 onwards).

Music video unveil in coming days

Having worked on the Keep the faith music video over the past number of weeks, the full studio version and music clip are both set to be released in the coming days. Further details are expected in due course.

Georgia is set to compete in the in the first half of the first semi-final on the 9 May, with Gachechiladze hoping to take the nation to the final of Eurovision 2017 on the 13 May.