2000-2009: Choose the best song of the decade!

by Marcus Klier 146 views

With the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest being over, another full decade can be added to the Eurovision history books. Over the last ten years, 336 songs took part and now you have the chance to choose your favourite among them.

How does ist work?

The voting will take place in three stages. In the first stage, there will be one poll per country with all songs having taken part between 2000 and 2009. The favourite song of each country will make it to the second stage. Slovakia and San Marino both only have presented one song over the last ten years so their songs are qualified directly for the second round. Having been submitted by the Serbian broadcaster, the 2004 entry from Serbia & Montenegro will be added to the list of Serbia while the 2005 entry will be added to the list of Montenegro. In the second round, the 46 songs will be drawn into two semi finals. The top eleven of each semi final will be chosen by poll voting while a twelfth qualifier for each heat will be chosen by an esctoday.com jury. This is "joker" is supposed to give overlooked fan favourites another chance. Eventually, 24 songs will compete in the grand final, where the winner will be chosen by regular poll voting.

How to vote?

Below, you can find a list with the links to all polls for the first round. The polls will also appear at the bottom of articles about the respective countries and they can also be found in the poll section. The polls are already open and they will be closed next Sunday, 20th September. Of course, the poll results will not be visible until the voting is closed.

Country Poll
Albania here
Andorra here
Armenia here
Austria here
Azerbaijan here
Belarus here
Belgium here
Bosnia & Herzegovina here
Bulgaria here
Croatia here
Cyprus here
Czech Republic here
Denmark here
Estonia here
Finland here
France here
Georgia here
Germany here
Greece here
Hungary here
Iceland here
Ireland here
Israel here
Latvia here
Lithuania here
FYR Macedonia here
Malta here
Moldova here
Monaco here
Montenegro here
Netherlands here
Norway here
Poland here
Portugal here
Romania here
Russia here
Serbia here
Slovenia here
Spain here
Sweden here
Switzerland here
Turkey here
Ukraine here
United Kingdom here

Looking back

Along with the voting, over the next weeks we will take a look back at the most memorable moments in the Eurovision Song Contest of the last ten years. It can easily be called one of the exciting decades seeing more countries taking part than ever and following important changes in the late 1990.

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