Azerbaijan: Voters for Armenia taken to the National Security

by Zaven Shegrikyan 438 views

The Ministry of the National Security of Azerbaijan ihas traced the 43 phone lines that were used to vote for Armenia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and are interviewing them for matters of 'national security'.

According to the official data, 43 Azerbaijani citizens voted for Arshakyan sisters, the Armenian Eurovision Song Contest representatives, Azerbaijani Radio Liberty reports. Rovshan Nasirli,a citizen of Azerbaijan was one of them who was taken to the National Security on the 12th of August.

According to him,the ministry has the list of all 43 people who voted for Armenia,with their adresses, telephone numbers and other information. He was taken to the ministry and was asked why did he voted for Armenia. According to him, they were being very rude to him, stating "You don't have nationality that's why you voted for Armenia?" He explained that if Azeri deputes go to Armenia,s o why can't he vote for the song that he liked.

According to the radio station Azadliq the situation in Armenia is totally different and the song Always can still be heard in the streets of Yerevan. More on this story to follow.