France : Amina remembers….

by Dominique Dufaut 407 views

Last month, Franck Baillot, member of the OGAE France and flight attendant on Air France, was flying to Stockholm when he had the pleasure to notice a passenger dear to many eurofans : Amina. The lady kindly accepted to answer questions on what she is doing now as well as on her Eurovision experience.

Backin 1991, Amina remembered that Marie-France Briere, who was in charge of Eurovision at France Televisions, was not willing to win the contest ! As Franck told Amina that he also met Carola on a Paris-Stockholm flight, the French singer declared that, after she gave a concert in Sweden some years ago, she received a big bunch of flowers from Carola, who came backstage. The 1991 winner said she was sorry not to have shared the victory with her. Amina was touched by such an attention, that is certainly not very common in France, she added.

Still about Sweden, Amina said that she once took part in a Gay Pride concert and that she was astonished to hear many people singing Le Dernier Qui A Parle by heart and a cappella.Amina's last to date studio album dates back to 1999. It was simply entitled Annabi (her family name). Two years after, Nomad was published. It's a collection of her best songs.

Amina's career on stage is a bit busier. She has collaborated to many projects, from jazz to world music, and she travelled a lot. Together with band Blue Velvet Babouche, she prepares a show which will pay tribute to female singers of North Africa, in the first half of the 20th century. Premiere will be given next March in Suresnes, close to Paris.

Tunisian-born Amina Annabi represented France at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with Le Dernier Qui A Parle (music by Wasis Diop, lyrics by her) and scored 146 points… just like Carola Haggkvist did for Sweden. For the very first time since 1975, the EBU scrutineertook into considerationthe number of 12's and 10's to decide between Sweden and France which country should receive the Grand Prix. Both countries got three times 12, but Sweden received five times 10 and France only twice. Amina ended on second position.

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